Monday, March 17, 2008

So far, so good.....

Here we are so far:

Gladys Parada (Citronelle Restaurant and Slow Food veteran....chocolate was mentioned.)
Mark and Caroline (and Will) Chesebro (polymaths: winemakers, gardeners, home ranch)
Michael Jones (Cachagua Store/A Moveable Feast): nutball
Jamie Collins (Serendipity Farm) veggies, chickens and goats
Rich Tenguay (Heller Estate) organic winemaker and nutball
Ben and Cate (amateur and amateuse)
Kathy and Brian (ditto)
Maureen and Gary (ditto, landscaper)
Tanja Roos (Habitat at Carmel Middle School, educator
Mary Brownfield (Carmel Pine Cone): writer)
Scott Dick (KRXA): radio guy and nutball

I will put in some links tomorrow.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A journey of 1000 miles.....

....starts with a single step.

This is a possibly temporary spot to help coordinate the resurrection of Slow Food Carmel.

The basic goals and format of Slow Food can be found at Slow Food USA and the original international Slow Food site.

One of the basic premises of the Slow Food movement....and one of its most attractive aspects to me personally is its inclusive nature. Everyone is invited to the party.

Those of us who live, breathe and work in parallel with their goals and ideals tend to be, paradoxically, part of a very exclusive world. In the restaurant business, very few people put up with the amount of grief and actual hours it takes to maintain this course.....and it makes one grumpy and judgmental. How nice would it be to expand the horizons!

Initially, I invited a part of my industry friends with a proven sense of humor to this particular Carmel party....and a sprinkling of cognoscenti, amateurs and amateuses (usually the amateuses drag the amateurs around in their wake by some available body part, but that is a different story). I thought of a wine guy (Rich Tenguay), a polymath (Mark Chesebro), a farmer and cheese person (Jamie Collins), a fish guy (Dr. Coale from MLML....the man who was frank, funny, accurate and brave enough to refer to Moss Landing as a "drinking town with a fishing problem" print!), two media folk (Mary Brownfield and Scott Dick), several amateuses (Kathy, Cate, Maureen), and an educator (Tanja Roos).

So far: Scott, Mary, Jamie, Rich, Kathy and Cate (Ben) and Tanja have responded enthusiastically....but it has only been two days. Jamie has involved her friends the localvores, and is already planning a "my farm only" event at Serendipity. The last one we participated in with Jamie....the crowd wept three separate times.

Scott Dick and I spoke on KRXA on Saturday about this. Scott agreed to use his email ( to collect names of interested folk.

I would hope to find ranchers, mushroom nuts, naturalists, photographers, musicians, more fish folk, Ted and Cindy from PassionFish, AJ Houston, writers, gardeners, hikers, etc to back up the work-a-day folk.

There is a lot to learn. There is a lot to experience.....a lot to share.

Ars longa, vita brevis.